How can I increase my chances of employability?

You probably have asked yourself this question before, and we have some answers for you. If you follow us on our social media, you may be familiar with some of these steps below.

Step 01: CV/Resume

  • Create a great cv/resume. (Beautiful Layout, Easy to Follow and Read)
  • Cover Letter (Highlight Your Personality, Passions, Achievements and Professional Journey)

Step 02: Social Media

  • Network like crazy (Connect and follow recruiters and employers in your industry of interest on multiple social media) Do not stalk.
  • Join Professional Network Platforms

Step 03: Job Post Platforms

  • Join at least 5+ or more (This increases your cv and profile being viewed by many recruiters and employers)
  • Apply for jobs (At least 50+ jobs a day)

Step 04: Skills

  • Gain new skills (Self Taught, Official Training or Qualifications, Volunteering)
  • Improve Your Skills (Challenge Yourself)
  • Portfolio (Share or Showcase Documents/Projects Worked On)

Since the beginning of 2020, you may have noticed employers being flexible with how and where work is done. For the majority of industries during Pandemic (COVID-19) shown working from home is possible for some roles as a result this trend is predicted to stay amid reports of COVID-19 recovery worldwide. Make sure your CV and profile highlight how flexible and adaptable you are to ever-changing workload and working environments.

Be mindful that each industry and sector is different in how they analyze employment suitability so make sure your cv and profile are reflective of that industry and role applied. Depending on the role, for example, some industries are more or less technical than others, so adjust your cv and profile to present that.


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